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About Soapberry

What is the soapberry?

Where are the products made?

Where are the soapberries grown? Are they organic?

Who made my Soapberri?

What makes soapberry a natural soap?

It's a fruit, but can I eat it?

How do I use the soapberry?

About our products

What's the shelf life?

Are your products tested on animals?

Are the products environmental friendly? Can you bathe in the rivers with the products?

What makes the soapberry the most gentle soap? Is it good for babies or someone with sensitive skin?

Do you offer conditioner? Would I need it?

What other natural ingredients are in my shampoo/body wash?

Do the products contain sulfates, paraben, or other toxins?

What skin type is the bodywash good for?

What hair type is the soapberry good for?

Are the shampoo and body wash baby-safe?