How We Found $40K Overnight...(Legally!) 💰

by Michael Koh June 21, 2017



We had a dream prototype, but no money left. We needed $10,000 to manufacture our first batch of Tree To Tub products.

No banks would lend us the money, but both Brian and I have lots of friends that love us who would do anything to support our dreams!

We decided to launch a Kickstarter fundraiser campaign, where our friends could pre-order our products and receive them once they are produced!


On our launch day, we hit our goal of $10,000 in just 10 hours! This was all because of our loving friends and family! Because of the unique soapberry, the campaign quickly went viral all over the internet.

At the end, we raised $41,000, with the support of 800 backers! Thanks to them, we are able to share the beautiful soapberry with the world! You might be wondering why we had a different name on our Kickstarter campaign, you can read our previous post From 'Soapberri' to 'Tree to Tub', Why?

The first thing we did as soon as the campaign was over, was to book a flight to visit Taiwan, my home town, and where soapberry originates.

tree to tub


Meet Mr. Chang, for generations his family had been harvesting the soapberries, however, since fewer and fewer people use soapberries to bathe now, he gave up on the tradition. He was very excited about helping us! (insert pic)


The Story Behind Our New Products 

We wanted to extend our philosophy and go beyond just bath soaps, so we initiated an Indiegogo campaign to make our face wash and lotion.

After having moved to America, it became very difficult for me to get soapberries. I tried every single face wash in the market, but they all made my face either dry and flaky, or burning red. Because of that, I had completely given up, and I hadn’t washed my face with soap for 10 years.

Making the best face wash had always been my dream. I wanted to create the gentlest cleanser in the world. And we did it!

After about 80+ different tests, my perfectionist nature finally felt satisfied with our creation—a combination of pure soapberry juice, aloe juice, açaí berries, and chamomile.

tree to tub


To test it out, I personally washed my face with it 20 times in a row on my sensitive skin — zero drying or irritation! This face wash not only kept my face calm, but made it even softer and smoother after using it.

Weeks after using our face wash, it was very noticeable that my skin had gotten stronger (the soapberry protects the lipid layer).

My skin is not only sensitive, but it’s also very dry. So a good lotion after a soapberry wash is very essential for me. After using most of the moisturizers out there, my skin would turn red as soon as I put them on my skin. The rest of them are either too greasy or not moisturizing enough.

That’s why we chose to create our own! The perfect lotion made with shea butter, aloe vera, and cocoa butter. It absorbs quickly, soothes your skin, locks in moisture for the whole day, and makes your skin smooth and soft.


tree to tub


I’m honestly proud of our creations, and can’t wait to let everyone try them! What other products would you like to see us make? Let us know in the comments below!

Michael Koh
Michael Koh


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