Free U.S. Shipping $49+

Free U.S. Shipping $49+

Free Full-Size Hand Cream $69+ | Facial Cleanser $99+

Free Full-Size Hand Cream $69+ | Facial Cleanser $99+

How to Manage Your Subscription

“So I have a subscription...but how can I manage it?” This may be a question you may be asking yourself right about now. Well, managing your subscription is easier than you think!

The first thing you’ll need to do is visit our website (you can click here). There, you’ll want to click on the Sign In option and that will take you to a Customer Login page.


“I have an active subscription, but I’m having problems logging in to my account!” You might be running into this issue when trying to log in to manage your subscription.



This is because although you might have an active subscription, there may not be an active account set up associated to that subscription. In this case, you’ll have to register for an account before being able to sign in to manage your subscription.

You can create fan account here or by clicking on Create Account in the Customer Login page.

Sidenote: When registering for your account, make sure to use the email associated to your subscription!


Once you have created an account, we’ll send you an activation link via email and voila! The activation link will take you back to our Customer Login page, and you’ll be able to log in to your account.


On this manage subscriptions menu, unfortunately, the frequency of your shipments can’t be changed manually. Please message us at and we can change your frequency for you. 

If you’d like to view details about your shipments, payments, select Details.




If you would like to change your products selections in your order select "Manage Upcoming Orders" options. Then select items you’d like with each shipment by clicking on the “Pick your selections” option. That will take you to a menu with all of our products, and you can choose which products you’d like to receive on your next shipment.


Pro Tip: You can customize each shipment according to your needs. Let’s say you’d like to be sent shampoo and conditioner for one order, and then switch it up and order body wash and body lotion for your next order while you finish up using the items from your last shipment.

Once you choose, you can click on the Save Changes option and your products will be saved.


If you need any assistance please email

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  • Good job! Everything explained very well. Great company!

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