Soapberry Bag


A drawstring muslin cloth bag packed with beautiful sundried soapberries

Experience nature's cleansing gift, the wild soapberry. Just give this berry a rub to produce a rich, cleansing lather that's naturally antibacterial. It's the most gentle soap and works as a pure organic laundry detergent. Plant the seeds to grow your very own soapberry tree!


  • To use as hand or body soap, rehydrate the berries by placing them in boiling water for 5 minutes, until the berries slightly soften. The berries are now ready to make a nourishing lather. Just give it a rub!
  • To use as a laundry detergent, tie the bag closed and throw the bag into your laundry machine. The soapberries are also a natural fabric softener, and is good for 5+ loads!

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