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When I was a baby in Taiwan, I would do anything to avoid a bath. I would cry, scream, or even play dead. It wasn’t because I was naughty and didn’t like to be clean. I actually wished I could love bath time just as much as other kids, but soaps never allowed that...

Harsh chemical soaps would burn my skin,  and itchy red bumps would spread all over my body. My mom would try every brand of soap she could find, but nothing worked on me, until one day... my grandma brought home the soapberries from the forest.

soapberry, soap nut, soapnuts

With a rub, these berries magically lathered up like soap, but without the burning pain! Its gentle, creamy lather made me feel safe in the shower for the first time. After months of using the berries, not only had I completely forgot the burning pain from chemical soaps, my skin had become smooth and healthy.

Not everyone has a special grandma like mine, but everyone should have nature's healing soap. We are excited and grateful to share these miraculous soapberries with you!

- Michael, Founder


Funded with Passion

We are the first and only body care product funded on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Thanks to everyone who supported us to make Tree To Tub a reality!

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“The soapberry’s natural antibacterial property makes it the ideal alternative to synthetic soap. It’s the most revolutionary idea that I've heard in years!"
– Jessica Rubino, Personal Care Director, NewHope Media

“Tree To Tub is giving customers the opportunity to be toxin-free and help ecosystems, with products that are hypo-allergenic, Fair Trade, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced
– Sustainable Brands

From Tree To Tub

We don't just want to make the world's most gentle solutions. We want to make a better world. That's why we partner with local communities and eco-reserves in Taiwan to harvest the wild soapberry, all harmlessly. Inspired by ancient tradition, we preserve harmony with nature throughout the entire process. With our patented extraction technology, we bring the soapberry from the forests to your homes.

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Every fall, we harvest wild soapberries in the eco-reserves of Taiwan; not a single is tree cut down. Better than organic, our soapberries are wild and sustainable.
soapberry, soap nut, harvest

We then dry the soapberries under the sun, and separate the seeds from the fruits. The seeds are then made into meditation beads, the only by-product is sacred.

soapberry, soap nut, harvest

Then we take the seedless soapberry fruits through our patented eco-friendly extraction process that's inspired by ancient tradition.

soapberry, soap nut, harvest

The extracted soapberry then is bottled and shipped to San Francisco, then later shipped to your doorstep in 100% recyclable packaging.  
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Our products now include:
Soapberry Facial Cleanser, Soapberry Body Wash, Soapberry Shampoo, Shea Butter Lotion, Argan Oil Conditioner

tree to tub, soapberry, soap nut, organic, vegan, fair trade, cruelty free

We believe we have the social responsibility of making the world a better place, and we love it that way!