Have you tried your soapberries yet? This is how you do it!

by Andres Villeta July 11, 2016 3 Comments

     It's not rocket science when it comes to using the soapberry. However, you can get creative and formulate different homemade remedies. Remember, when creating homemade mixes, there isn't one correct way. It's like cooking, everyone has his/her own way.

     The berries come sun-dried so they can be preserved. Before using them, rehydrate them by placing them in a pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes. After the berries soften, just wet your hands and rub the berries between your palms. You will feel the soapberry lathering up quickly. Notice how it cleans like a bar soap, but leaves your hands smooth and soft. 


Cleaning hands with Soapberry


     If you're feeling lazy and don’t want to boil them before using them, you can always prepare your own liquid hand soap by boiling 1 cup of water for every 2 soapberries in a pot. Boil for 30 minutes on low heat and strain the liquid so it can be stored in a container. Remember to refrigerate after using it because you're dealing with fruits that could spoil. For more ideas and uses you can watch CaminoGlobal's video here.



     Now that you have the soapberry concentrate, you can get innovative and use that liquid for basically everything: insect repellant, face wash, shampoo, jewelry cleaner, laundry detergent, dish soap, and much more. The possibilities are endless and you can combine your soapberry solutions with any oils, scents or minerals you want and produce your personalized soaps and cleaners.


Natural soapberry home remedy  


    Try it today! By switching to more organic solutions, we protect ourselves and our environment from harmful chemicals. Join our tribe and help us build a better world!

Andres Villeta
Andres Villeta


3 Responses

Carla Jones
Carla Jones

April 19, 2017

Oh my God, I do not know what to say but a miracle soap berries. I use it every where I go. I do not use public bathroom soap but soap berries. I carry them put in mason jar . It is Miracle healer soap.. I love it every minutes. I cannot live without it. Thank you Soap berries founders!!!! That is miracle soap.

Shari J.
Shari J.

April 13, 2017

I can see an improvement in my face since I have been using the facial soap. Thanks.

alisha strain
alisha strain

July 28, 2016

Would like to try your body wash

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